Wind Quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin

Thomas Beyer, Flöte
Gregor Witt,
Heiner Schindler,
Axel Grüner,
Mathias Baier,

In 1994 five soloists of the Staatkapelle Berlin formed a wind quintet, building on their mutual friendship and experience as chamber and orchestra players.

Today the ensemble looks back at 15 years of success in more ways than one. October 2003 saw the sold out 10th Anniversry Concert at the Apollo Saal at the Berlin State Opera, and November 2003 marked the release of the quintet’s first CD on the SONY label.

Lively musicianship and open-mindedness for musical discoveries have made this ensemble and it’s exciting programs unique. The versatile repertoire, embracing classic to avant-garde, includes novel arrangements from entertainment, as well as cross-over.

World premiers of commissioned works by contemporary composers, such as Detlev Glanert and Frank Raschke, as well as works in unusual instrumentations, round out the interesting offerings of the Berlin Wind Quintet.

The five musicians are constantly engaging in the development of new playing techniques and the application of historical performance practices in their interpretation of works from different periods.

Outside of the quintet, the musicians can also be heard in other formations, for example the Berlin Wind Soloists, Ensemble variazione, or the 14 Berlin Flutists. In demand as soloists and chamber players, musical travels have included many European cities, Israel, Japan, and the United States.

The players of the Berlin Wind Quintet take a lively interest the development and nurturing of young musicians, and can be found teaching in several academic institutions in Germany, at master classes abroad, and last but not least, the West Eastern Divan of Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said.

Available records

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