Streichtrio Berlin

The triad, considered in music to be the epitome of perfect harmony, has found its ideal human counterpart in an ensemble that knows how to unfold its full sensory impact: the Streichtrio Berlin.

The musicians forming this human triad are Wolfram Brandl, Felix Schwartz and Andreas Greger.

Since 2006, the trio has been presenting intimate chamber music, performed with exceptional sensitivity for national and international audiences. They are an utterly focused team to whom the media and the audience attribute qualities such as “interacting with wonderfully assured confidence”, “perfectly matched” and “excellently balanced”. The Streichtrio Berlin is the successor ensemble to the Gaede Trio, which performed with great success for more than two decades.

And here they are – each with his characteristic voice: Wolfram Brandl, violin and leading upper voice, Felix Schwartz, viola and harmonising middle voice and Andreas Greger, violoncello and bass foundation. For their artistry the three musicians have won recognition with prizes and awards at renowned competitions, which paved their way for a many-faceted international concert career.

They met at the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin, where their joint studies brought them into closer contact, facilitating joint rehearsals and allowing them to build a solid repertoire. Nowadays, they present their carefully designed programmes all over the world, most recently in Austria, France and Switzerland. In addition, the ensemble regularly appears at important German chamber music festivals and has released two new CDs since 2010.


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