Wolfhard Klein, Ibiza - Gedichte

Wolfhard Klein: IBIZA - lyrics
Angela Öztanil, guitar

Do you remeber your last holidays ?
Do you remember the man, who greets so kindly at the beach and in the restaurant ?
However who does it, on this CD you will find the result of "attendly watching".
Wolfhard Klein compose paintings, who knows everybody (nearly).
Lively and naughty he delineate his humorous pointed lyrics, scenes of the holiday life, which raise a laugh.

Wolfhard Kleins IBIZA - layrics are framed by classic spanish miniatures, played by Angela Öztanil.
  • Hansjoachim Kaps: Alegrias, Farruca
  • Leo Brouwer: Études simples No. IV, V
  • Manuel Maria Ponce: Prélude No. II, VI
  • Gerald Schertberger: Tango-Impression, Luces y ollas, Tango souvenir, Nostalgia, Taberna vieja
  • Ehrenhard Skiera: Guajiras, Granadinas, Fandangos de Huelva
  • Francisco Tárrega: Lagrima (Preludio)
  • Gaspar Sanz: Espanoleta (Air de danse)
  • Fernando Sor: Etüde op.35 Nr.17

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