Dienel, Otto

Otto Dienel (1839 -1905) was resident organist at the Marienkirche in Berlin. He had the organ, originally built by Joachim Wagner, rebuilt and substantially changed by the firm of Schlag & Son. The instrument was fitted with numerous additions, including superoctave and suboctave couplers; the pipework of two manuals was put into swell boxes and the solo manual inside the case received seven new high-pressure ranks. So the instrument was really thoroughly "modernized". Dienel’s playing of the organ was so impressive that for his Wednesday lunch-time concerts the audience was often too large for the church. His Scherzando in A minor shows why he was regarded as a "popular" organist. This piece, which critics called "unecclesiastical", relies on quick-speaking viola di gamba and flute stops and gives the organist plenty of chance to demonstrate these stops. According to Dienel, this piece must be played with ease and fluency. The clarinette of the Walcker organ can be heard in the serious choral prelude "Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten".

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