Lubrich (jun.), Fritz

Fritz Lubrich junior (1888 -1971) dedicated his composition "Toteninsel (Death Island)" to the organist Charles Marie Widor. The title refers to the painting by Arnold Böcklin with the same name. The music evokes the motionless water, the little boat with the boatsman in which a white-clad person is standing. The boat is approaching a dark island. To the left and right of the island, sunlit rocks emerge from the water, and between them we see a dark valley overgrown with cypress trees. The volume of the music keeps getting louder until it ends with a musical quotation from a hymn. In the fourth bar we heard the prayer "Heiliger Herre Gott" from the hymn "Mitten wir im Leben sind mit dem Tod umfangen" (EG [German Protestant Hymn-book] 518) which is quoted at greater length in the middle of the composition. Several composers made attempts to describe the picture by musical means, amongst others Sergej Rachmaninoff and Max Reger. Lubrich was born in Schlesien, was a pupil of Max Reger and Karl Straube, worked in Bielitz, Katowice, and from 1945 onwards in Hamburg as an organist and a teacher of music. "In der Abendstille" takes up the well-known hymn "Der Mond ist aufgegangen".

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