Vierne, Louis

Louis Vierne (1870 -1937) first studied with César Franck and then after Franck’s death in 1890 with Widor. In 1900 Vierne was unanimously elected as organist at Notre-Dame. He composed six Organ Symphonies. The third Symphony was written in the summer of the year 1911 in Normandy, where Vierne spent his holidays at the summer residence of the Dupré family. The dreamlike cantilene begins with a lovely melody, played on the oboe stop. The adagio is developed from a theme heard in the first few bars. Parts of the theme are split off to give rise to new figures, still keeping the centra1 theme in mind all the time. Then the main theme is taken up in its original form and leads eventually to a lyrical culmination. The Symphony is rounded off by a radiant two-theme toccata. The first theme of the accompanied by a carillon[bell]-like motive, the end of each single phrase emphasised by an impressive sforzato.

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