Schwertberger, Gerald

Gerald Schwertberger is an Austrian composer, born in Gresten, Lower Austria. He studied piano with Prof. Otto Kral at the Lehrerbildungsanstalt St. Pölten and taught himself bass. Later he studied history and German at Vienna University at the same time having private piano lessons with Prof. Erika Dichler-Sedlacek as well as studying bass at the Vienna Conservatory. During this period he was also active as a bass player in jazz and dance bands.
In 1966 he commenced has career teaching music and German in Vienna and in Guatemala at the Austrian School between 1977-1985. From 1986 until his retirement in 2001 he was active on teaching assignments in Viennese universities. His compositions, primarily orientated to the teaching of music, include arrangements, suites, songs and choral works - partly own lyrics - as well as modern youth church music.

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